My Latest Releases!

My Latest Book!

Named after my 2010 LP:  Stick to My Roots, this memoir covers 40 years of my career!  It's the real and raw truth of my life through my own eyes and told by me.  My life has truly been a story full of dreams, music and hope, but also deep traumas and tribulations that music helped me move through.  Read my book to learn more about me and the history of reggae music.  

Keep an eye on my "tour" page for upcoming book signing events! 

Released August 2023

My Latest Album!

I love this new collabo album - I got to work with so many of my bredren who I respect for a long time.  I've been in the game for 40+ years and I still love making music!  Be on the lookout for my next album, currently in the works for a mid-2024 release!

Released September 2023

My Latest Video!

This was such a fun video to make!  It was filmed in April 2023 during my tour in California.  BIG UP mi bredren Ras Oneko as "The Rastaman" and General Zooz, the Director, for brining the "Flat Foot Hustle" story to life.  

Released June 7, 2023

My Latest Single!

My latest single is from Goldvibes out of Germany.  Coming soon to all streaming platforms!