Album Review: Tippa Irie contemplates roots in catchy new album, "I'm An African"


Massive respect to CB from Daily Reggae for the positive review of my latest album!

Daily Reggae Album Review

Photo courtesy of Tippa Irie / TIM Records.

Britain's Tippa Irie is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and DJ and I love the contemplation of his roots in the new album, "I'm An African" released by TIM Records. Tippa has been creating music for four decades and his latest album showcases his creativity, lyrics and talent as a singer.

The album kicks off with "I'm An African - The Remix", which has an amazing reggae and hip hop infused riddim. Tippa Irie reflects on growing up in London and his African roots. I love how the song sets the stage for the album's theme and how Tippa Irie gives props to history and his life's journey.

"Got To Do Better" slows down the beat with a pulsing drum. Tippa Irie puts out a call to action to stay humble and asks that we do more for our communities by focusing on love. The song is very inspiring, especially with the New Year quickly approaching. Tippa Irie's depth as an artist and lyricist is impressive and I love this song's call out.

The track "Hey Girl" is a fun and catchy love song that will absolute tear up any dance floor! Tippa Irie has great chemistry with Stush, who drops some great vocals.

Tippa Irie reflects on the daily hustle and taking care of what's most important in the cool tune "Flat Foot Hustle". I really like the song's upbeat bass line and feel and Tippa Irie once again showcases a message of positivity through his classic flow.

Speaking of a love first mentality, Tippa Irie and China Black's song "I Made A Wish" is a vibe. The track slows down the pace and features some romantic lyrics that you'll immediately vibe with.

My favorite song on the album is "Live The Life I Love", which is an inspiring anthem that reminds the listener to follow their heart and passions. Tippa Irie's lyrics and vocals on top of the grooving reggae riddim are so fun and will absolutely bring a smile to your face!

By CB.