Tippa Irie Exclusive Interview at YouTube Studios

Published on May 11, 2015

Tippa Irie Exclusive Interview @ YouTube Studios
Talks on where he is from and how he got into music also reggae culture, Sound System culture and what he doing now.
Big respect to Anthony Henry – a.k.a. “Tippa Irie” and full crew who supported this show could not of done it without ya nuff blessings.

Anthony Henry – a.k.a. “Tippa Irie” – emerged from England’s Saxon Sound International – the star-studded travelling sound system that has been at the forefront of the U.K. reggae dancehall scene for the past 25 years and helped launch the careers of artists such as Maxi Priest, Papa Levi and Smiley Culture.

Tippa Irie was part of the new generation of British MC’s who developed the ‘Fast Talking’ style chat which today can be heard in modern day rappers like Busta Rhymes.

  1. Living the Dream Tippa Irie 3:27