Summer Sounds at Island Drink’s Fest

Adding the sounds of the Caribbean to the tropical region’s best-loved beverage will make for a sizzling summer’s outing this weekend.

The new Rum and Reggae Festival will transform Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Paradise Rooms into an island hotspot. Day and night sessions are running at the festival, which will feature carnival dancers, steel drum performances and traditional Caribbean food as well as the chance to try some top notch drinks. The reggae soundtrack will be provided by Tippa Irie and Reggae Sound System. Event manager Tom Bellman said: “Previously it was just a rum festival, but more a trade show than an event – and there was a Caribbean element, but it was more ‘piratey’. “We’ve evolved the brand now and it’s proven really popular to add the music and blend the two together. “We run gin, prosecco and wine festivals too, and obviously gin is the big thing this year – but it’s being predicted that rum will be the next big one after gin. “But as this tour is showing – with 27, 28 dates – rum is already popular.

“With our combination of drinks and entertainment, we want to put on a good show, and hope people coming to Blackpool have a great time.” Cocktail fans will be able to get their fix with special drinks mixed for the event, as well as a chance to try new rum varieties – on a rum trip around the world. A spokesman said: “Guests will be taken on a rum journey around the world, hosted by the Reggae Sound System, as they taste rare and special craft rums from the West Indies, South America, Australia, the Philippines, Mauritius and other surprise locations. “With carnival dancers, steel drum performances and traditional Caribbean food, the Rum And Reggae Festival will be a colourful and tantalising affair.

“Across multiple stages featuring incredible reggae acts, the Rum And Reggae Festival offers more than just a place to sample this famous spirit that is brewed the world over, ” the spokesman added.

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