O.B.F-Signz-Dubquake Records-2020

O.B.F publiera le 28 mai l’album ” Signz ” sur lequel nous retrouverons notamment de nombreuses collaborations avec des artistes comme ” Nazamba , Jah Mason , Aza Lineage , Tippa Irie , Junior Roy & more ” !!!

Tracklist:01-Intro (feat Nazamba)-02-Ina This Ya Time (feat Charlie P/Irah & Killa P)-03-Bun The Evil (feat Jah Mason)-04-I’m An African (feat Tippa Irie)-05-Party Ram (feat Sr Wilson)-06-Interlude 1 (feat Nazamba)-07-Rebell Daawtaz (feat Aza Lineage)-08-Bubble (feat Charlie P)-09-Your Love (feat Shanti D)-10-Asian Night-11-Interlude 2 (feat Nazamba)-12-Musica (feat Belen Natali & Sr. Wilson)-13-Driva (feat Biga Ranx & Sr Wilson – No GPS mix)-14-Water (feat Pupa Jim)-15-Interlude 3 (feat Nazamba)-16-Born Ina Fire (feat Joseph Lalibela)-17-Wagwan (feat Charlie P & Killa P)-18-Under Pressure (feat Biga Ranx – Barricades mix)-19-Sirenz-20-My Sound (feat Daddy Freddy & Junior Roy)-21-Akouphene-22-SG Dub (Bonus Track) .

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  1. Living the Dream Tippa Irie 3:27