The Heatwave and Tippa Irie Make Dancehall “Tun Ova!”


Tippa Irie is a Dancehall legend who built his success based on a solid foundation.  He began with his Father’s sound named Musical Messiah, and went on to perform with King Tubby’s and Saxon Sound (for younger DJs readingthis email, performing live on a sound is not as easy as it appears; you mustbe the cream of the crop to earn that residence).

Performing live developed Tippa’s ear and the ability to know what lyrics and which riddims connect with audiences.  When Tippa heard one of The Heatwave’s productions, he immediately reached out to Gabriel to arrange a recording on one of the groups riddims.  The result is “Tun Ova!”

Released on The Heatwave’s own label, the single is being embraced in Europe and making its’ way across the Atlantic to fans who respect the voice and delivery of the great Tippa Irie!

Here the single “Tun Ova!” When you play it, make sure you send feedback to @tippairie and @the_heatwave!

Cockney Translation: Smiley Culture, Fast Chat and its effect on UK Hip-Hop

To quote Kool Herc, ‘hip-hop and reggae are cousins’. I’m sure most people reading this are familiar with the origins of hip-hop.  A young Jamaican expat who moved to New York with his family and wanted to recreate the sound systems he’d seen as a child in Jamaica in his new surroundings. The fact that those at the famous party in July 1973 reacted to the soul and funk records more than the reggae ones influenced hip-hop’s sound, but the connection with reggae and sound systems has always been there since the beginning. When it comes to the history of hip-hop, the two genres are intrinsically linked and I believe that it is in Britain where this explicitly becomes the case. Due to the colonial history between the two countries and the steady immigration from Jamaica during the twentieth century, the culture of the Caribbean island has gradually seeped into culture in the UK especially amongst younger generations. With second and third generation migrants there developed a need to find their own identity in Britain, the country they considered home. Over the course of the 1980’s for a number of youths this was played out in the progression from reggae to hip-hop, as hip-hop became the music for them to ‘document their own history’ (Back, 1996: 193) and helped to develop a hip-hop scene in London different from that in America. Hip-Hop in the UK has often, and unfairly so in my opinion, been derided as a cheap imitation of its American counterpart when it is this cross-cultural collaboration that has helped create music that is distinctly British in sound. The music’s hybridity has helped develop a number of styles utilising its aural sensibilities to create unique soundscapes. Consequently, reggae has a deep and strong connection to the hip-hop that grew out of London and has been vital as a means to voice identity politics in this multicultural city. As a result, reggae sound systems and the youths involved within them have had a lasting impact on the foundation and development of hip-hop in London during the 1980’s.

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With L’Entourloop and Soom T

L’Entourloop Live Review

Or to put is another way, a love letter to two enigmatic Frenchmen of a certain age. L’Entourloop are a crew that  emerged around 5 years ago, what they did before, who they are, or where they came from is not easy to divine. What little can be found says the main men go by the monikers of “Sir James” and “King Johnny”, what is also clear is they’ve attracted some guests of the highest quality and know all about the bass. “Dreader Than Dread” featuring Skarra Mucci dropped in 2013, excellent debut album “Chickens In Your Town” followed in 2015, including regular live collaborators N’Zeng and Troy Berkley and more, (such as Funkdub favourite LMK). They first came to our attention in 2017 when the writer stumbled across their second long player “Le Savoir Faire”. An absolute monster of an album, the best of that year, featuring a wider musical spectrum and an even bigger guest list including: Marina P, Tippa Irie, Rodney P, Soom T and Panda Dub. The sound of L’Entourloop is perhaps most simply described as Reggae Hip Hop, with flashes of jungle and drenched in an old school film soundtrack sensibility.

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Tippa Irie on tour with David Rodigan & The Outlook Orchestra delights crowd at Sold Out show at Somerset House

By Siyana Kotecha (aged 10) and DJ 745 ( just a bit older than 10!)

In 2018, David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan celebrates 40 years of broadcasting with a series of special gigs and World A Reggae were in London to witness David Rodigan alongside The Outlook Orchestra in one of central London’s most spectacular gig locations, Somerset House as part of the Summer Series.

The crowds gathered early, soaking up the warmth of the London air in this iconic outdoor location dancing and swaying to the roots reggae classics as the sun shone brightly in the heart of central London.

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Summer Sounds at Island Drink’s Fest

Adding the sounds of the Caribbean to the tropical region’s best-loved beverage will make for a sizzling summer’s outing this weekend.

The new Rum and Reggae Festival will transform Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Paradise Rooms into an island hotspot. Day and night sessions are running at the festival, which will feature carnival dancers, steel drum performances and traditional Caribbean food as well as the chance to try some top notch drinks. The reggae soundtrack will be provided by Tippa Irie and Reggae Sound System.

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Trojan to release first new music for over 20 years

Trojan Records’ newly-formed music imprint has announced its first signing.

Reggae Roast’s Murder is the first track issued by the iconic dancehall and reggae label in over 20 years, and is the first release for their Trojan Reloaded imprint.

The formation of a frontline, new music label coincides with Trojan’s 50th anniversary this year, which will be celebrated across the year with a series of live events, catalogue releases, a documentary and the publishing of a book telling Trojan’s story.

In addition, the label’s past and future are set to come together with Reloaded second release, as Reggae Roast returns with Real Reggae Music featuring Tippa Irie on July 13, which will also be included in the upcoming Trojan Records 50th boxset due for release later this year.

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It’s Good To Have The Feeling

Deekline and Tippa Irie are bringing the smooth grooves and ragga vibes in the place on their latest colab for Jungle Cakes.

Setting the perfect mood for the summer Deekline has laced this chilled out, tropical Jungle beat with Tippa’s infectious vocal.  Calling up Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket for remix duties they’ve kept some of the Caribbean feel but added some down low dirt to the mix.  And no Deekline release would be complete with out some garage for the house heads, bringing a little bit of the 90s warehouse feel to the release, a sub heavy sound that will cause some serious damage on the floor.

Long Beach Dub Allstars

New collection featuring guest appearances by Tippa Irie

It’s always kind of amazing when Colorado Springs 450-capacity Black Sheep manages to book a band to play the night after their headlining appearance at the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which is more than 20 times larger. Especially when that band is the Long Beach Dub Allstars, one of the most 420-friendly acts in the world, and this year’s appearance happens to fall on 4/20.

Since rising up from the ashes of Sublime after the untimely demise of frontman Bradley Nowell, the SoCal pop-reggae stalwarts have spent the better part of the last two decades entertaining smoke-filled arenas with such ganja-centric classics as “Sensi” and “Grass Cloud.” (Frontman Opie Ortiz’s favorites strains, since you didn’t ask, are Banana OG, Gorilla Glue, Granddaddy Purple and Royal OG.) LBDA fans can also give praise to Jah that the band, which has been awfully studio-shy in recent years, finally released two new songs, “Holding Out” and “Steady Customer,” just this past fall, and is rumored to be readying a new collection featuring guest appearances by Tippa Irie, Half Pint and Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na. 

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  1. Living the Dream Tippa Irie 3:27